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The Doom Soundtrack is Officially Out for All Your Head-Banging Needs



The Doom Soundtrack is Officially Out for All Your Head-Banging Needs


Doom is an awesome game. It’s fast, it’s bloody, and just damn fun, and it’s also got a pretty killer soundtrack. Fans have been waiting for it to release for months, and tonight, they finally got their wish, as it’s now available to buy. Composed by Mick Gordon, who’s done music for Killer Instinct Season 2 and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, you can get 31 pieces of music for just $10. The track listing is down below.

  1. I. Dogma
  2. Rip & Tear
  3. At Doom’s Gate
  4. Rust, Dust & Guts
  5. II. Demigod
  6. Hellwalker
  7. Authorization; Olivia Pierce
  8. Flesh & Metal
  9. Impure Spectrum
  10. Ties That Bind
  11. Bfg Division
  12. Residual
  13. Argent Energy
  14. Harbinger
  15. Biowaves
  16. Olivia’s Doom
  17. Transistor Fist
  18. Dr. Samuel Hayden
  19. Cyberdemon
  20. Incantation
  21. III. Dakhma
  22. Damnation
  23. The Stench
  24. Uac Report File; Shto36u3
  25. Death & Exhale
  26. SkullHacker
  27. Lazarus Waves
  28. Vega Core
  29. 6_idkill.Vega.Cih
  30. Mastermind
  31. IV. Doom

You can buy the Doom soundtrack here on iTunes or Google Play. Or, you can stream it on Spotify. Either way, rejoice and listen to this hard rock while you curb stomp demons or have the most grueling workout of your life.

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