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The Division Public Test Server is Live For All PC Players

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The Division Public Test Server is Live For All PC Players

An elite task force? More like an elite test force.

After of the delay of the 1.4 special report and the launch of The Division Public Test Server a couple weeks ago, Ubisoft has finally launched the PTS for PC players. The Division Public Test Server is a special testing server where everyday players can experience new features in development and offer feedback. Since it is a testing server, many of the features that players experience might be unfinished and buggy or might not make it into the game.

Players who participate in the PTS can submit their feedback and discuss them in the PTS forum. The PTS is for PC gamers only and it not currently available for consoles. Ubisoft states that “due to the very nature of the PTS, it would be very hard for us to release updates as regularly and quickly on console versions than it will be on PC. With that said, we are investigating ways to make the PTS available to console gamers in the future.” So console gamers should not give up hope quite yet.

The PTS will not be open forever, it will close once the development team has enough information and will reopen when there are new features that need to be tested. Visit The Division Public Test Server FAQ for more information.

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