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The 10 Best Destiny: Rise of Iron Exotic Weapons


The 10 Best Destiny: Rise of Iron Exotic Weapons

The best a Guardian can get.

Gjallarhorn (Year 3)


It should come as no surprise that the Gjallarhorn is on this list. Many were wondering how this long-awaited returning Exotic would perform in Year 3 after its unceremonious exclusion from Year 2 and everything involving The Taken King. It turns out that this is still one damn good exotic weapon to have, particularly for PvE.

Depending on your Light Level, a blast from this can take out most yellow-barred enemies in Destiny: Rise of Iron, and is perfect for clearing out small groups. The tracking is pretty standard, but it’s the return of the Wolf Pack rounds (which are now slightly weaker) that really put this a weapon on your radar. Wielding cluster bombs that either add more damage onto a target or seek out nearby minions once your primary target is dead is invaluable when going up against powerful SIVA-infested enemies.

Welcome back, Gjallarhorn. 

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