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The Best Destiny Raids: All 4 Ranked


The Best Destiny Raids: All 4 Ranked

So much challenge.

Honorable Mention – Prison of Elders

house of wolves

Destiny’s second expansion, House of Wolves, is the only one not to introduce a brand new raid. Instead, Bungie opted for a sort of challenge arena called the Prison of Elders. There were no mysterious caverns to run through, nor were there any mind-bending navigational puzzles to navigate. There were just rooms filled with powerful enemies, challenging objectives, and interesting bosses.

In fact, the Prison of Elders housed arguably the best boss encounter to ever grace the game: Skolas. This fight mixed tight mechanics that required teamwork and communication with a devastatingly powerful foe. If you faced him in Year 1 before the Light Level boost that came with The Taken King, you were in for the toughest challenge Destiny had ever thrown at Guardians. It will always be remembered as being fun and engaging, with some decent rewards, even though it wasn’t quite that raid experience players were expecting. 

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