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Summoners War: How to Level Skills


Summoners War: How to Level Skills

Leveling Skills – Summoners War

Having the monster with the best stats is not enough in Summoners War, you also need to have some of the best skills out there. Which skills you have will depend on what type of family your monster belongs to. monsters can also have 1 to 4 skills.

When you start up the game you will be greeted with the screen where you can check your profile, guild, or events. Make sure you have a Power-up Circle. If you don’t, then go buy one for 1,000 Mana Stones. Click on your Power-up Circle, then choose which monster you want to level up the skills of. Choose a monster of the same family, it doesn’t have to match the same type so you can level up a fire type with a dark type. Click on the “Power-up” button then watch as the skill level goes up depending on how many monsters you used. If you have them then you can also use Devilmons to get your monster skills up, they also give some exp.

You can also level up skills by evolving your monster, just use the same family and make sure they are the ranks needed to do so. Not only will your monster go up in ranking, but will also have higher skills once everything is said and done. Now you can go about not only having the best stats, but also some of the best skills.

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