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Summoners War: How to Evolve


Summoners War: How to Evolve

How to Evolve – Summoners War

Everyone wants their monster to be the biggest and strongest thing out there, but to have that requires a lot of stuff that you might not have. This guide will go over how to evolve your monsters in Summoners War and what to do exactly in order to reach the next step.

Before attempting to evolve any of your monsters you will want to check two things. The first is that your monster is at the maximum level, and the second is that you have a Power-up Circle. The latter is not given to you when you begin, but can be bought for 1,000 Mana Stones. Make sure you save up a lot of Mana Stones when evolving your monsters because as they get stronger, it will cost more to evolve them. For 2-star monster you will need 1,600 Mana Stones, while 3-stars will require 4,000 Mana Stones, 4-stars 9,600 Mana Stones, 5-stars 22,400 Mana Stones, and 6-star monsters will need 32,200 Mana Stones. 6-star ranking is the highest you can go and you should try to reach that simply because the stat potential for your monster will be higher.

In order to evolve your monsters you will need to sacrifice a certain amount that are a certain ranking. It’s easy to remember what you need exactly because the ranking and amount will match your monsters ranking. An example would be trying to evolve a 2-star monsters into a 3-star, this would mean that you need two 2-stars monsters to sacrifice. This pattern continues until 6-star ranking.

Once you have everything needed, head over to the Power-up Circle, look on your right-hand side where you’ll see all your monsters. Drag the one you want to evolve to the box above the six others, once you have the monster set then the boxes below will show you what ranking the sacrifices must be. Drag the sacrifices into the individual boxes and then head down to the “Evolve” button. Click on that and you will receive a pop-up alerting you that the sacrifices will disappear, click on yes and the process will begin. You will see your newly evolved monsters along with their stats, which should be decreased until you decide to start leveling them up again.

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