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Some Overwatch Players Are Getting Free Loot Boxes

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Some Overwatch Players Are Getting Free Loot Boxes

Free loot is good loot.

If you like Overwatch and free stuff, then today just might be your lucky day, as some Overwatch players on Reddit have been logging onto the game and noticing a bevy of free loot boxes waiting for them.

So what’s the deal with all the free loot? Well, because Overwatch players in Southeast Asia recently had to deal with the game’s servers being victimized by a DDoS attack, Blizzard wanted to extend an in-game apology of sorts to them. The developer decided to give out 11 free loot boxes to every affected player, but the developer ended up accidentally giving out free loot to players in other regions that weren’t affected by the DDoS attack.

Since it was a bug on Blizzard’s end that caused the problem, the developer isn’t going to be rescinding the free loot. Anyone who got loot boxes as a result of the bug can open and keep their content.

“You can totally open them and enjoy the loot in them!” a Blizzard customer service rep told one customer. “It’s a bug on our side, so while I know it’s alarming, they were sent for free and are yours to keep.”

The Escapist was able to separately confirm as much with Blizzard, so if you’ve got free loot, open and enjoy.


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