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Sci-fi MOBA Fractured Space is Now Available for Free on Steam

Fractured Space Now Available on Steam

Sci-fi MOBA Fractured Space is Now Available for Free on Steam

Why settle for a hero when you can control a massive battleship?

MOBAs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, though most of them tend to stick to fantasy themes and an isometric/first-person perspective. Fractured Space, however, is a recently released MOBA that throws most traditional concepts of the genre out the window and replaces them with gorgeous Unreal Engine 4 graphics, huge maps, and glorious space battles à la Eve Online.

Fractured Space officially launched earlier today on Steam as a free-to-play game after two years of Early Access. The game comes right off the bat with PvP, PvE, two game modes, and a number of different ships to choose from. The Conquest mode is very similar to what you’d expect from a traditional MOBA, with 5v5 battles raging across three lanes and an endgame objective while the Frontline mode only features a single lane and a 10-minute limit to capture the opponent’s base.

In addition, Fractured Space also features a number of ship classes that can fulfil various roles, such as Heavy, Sniper, and Support. As with most MOBAs, team composition is vitally important in Fractured Space as these different types of ships rely heavily on each other and every team should ideally contain at least one of each type in order to stand a fighting chance against the enemy team.

“Our Fractured Space journey started with a small studio, a love for sci-fi and the passion to create the space MOBA game we always wanted to play,” said James Brooksby, CEO of Edge Case Games. “With the support of our player community feeding into our Open Development philosophy, nearly 100 updates over two years have brought us to launch with intense team-based battles between teams of giant capital ships vying to dominate sectors, win ship-to-ship battles and achieve ultimate victory by destroying the enemy’s base station.”

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