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Rocket League: How to Get Crates and Keys


Rocket League: How to Get Crates and Keys

Crates and Keys – Rocket League

Rocket League is full of cosmetic items, from fancy new cars to shiny, rare decals. The most basic of these items are unlocked through playing the game, rewarded at the end of matches. Rarer versions, however, are found in crates.

So how do you get crates? They have a chance to drop as a random item at the end of an online match. This happens very rarely, however, so don’t be discouraged if you’re not running into many. Once you get one, know that an exclusive car, wheel, decal, or rocket trail may be waiting inside.

To open these crates, you need keys. Much like the case system in CS:GO, the keys needed to open these random crate drops can only be bought. You can buy them one at a time, or in sets of 5, 10 and 20, from the marketplace of your platform. Head to the Crate Unlock or Manage Inventory menus to be directed to purchase options.

Keep in mind that you cannot trade your keys/crate rewards for seven days after purchase/opening.

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