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ReCore: Where to Find Blueprints


ReCore: Where to Find Blueprints

Sweet new gear comes in paper form first.

ReCore – Where to Find Blueprints

Blueprints are an important resource in the world of ReCore as they allow you to craft new parts for your Corebots and boost their stats. Here’s where you can find them on your journey through Far Eden.

Blueprints are almost always found in Supply Caches. These are those huge boxes that are dotted around the world that you can’t shoot open. Instead, you have to head over to them and hold down X to get their contents. Supply Caches are often found in hard to reach or hidden away places, encouraging players to explore the huge sandy world that lies beyond the dungeons of ReCore.

The number of blueprints in each supply cache can completely differ, so it’s important to check each and every one if you want the most powerful Corebots by your side. It’s also important to remember that some Supply Caches can only be accessed by completing the additional challenges in some dungeons such as activating all of the switches or finishing it in a set amount of time.

Once you’ve found a blueprint, simply head over to the workshop on your Crawler and select it. As long as you have the required parts, you’ll be able to craft it without a problem.

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