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ReCore: How to Extract Cores


ReCore: How to Extract Cores

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ReCore – Extract Cores

When facing off against enemies in ReCore, you’ll be able to finish them off and harvest their parts in one of two ways. You can either blast them to pieces and pick up the scrap remains, or you can extract their cores and use them to power up your own Corebots. Here’s how to do the latter.

First off, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve knocked down your enemy’s health bar a little. Trying to extract their core when they’re near full health will only see you taking damage. Once you and your Corebot have managed to get your foe down to about a quarter of its health, you should see ‘Extract’ notification begin flashing by their health bar. At this point click the right stick in and you’ll see Joule throw out her grapple.

With the grapple in place, now all you need to do is yank it out from the chunks of metal. Simply hold down on your right stick until the orange nubs on your rope are right by you. When they are, Joule will have enough of a grip to snatch it out of the body and leave it in a hump of scrap metal.

You’ll need to keep an eye on the color of the grapple line while you’re holding the right stick down. If it starts going red, this means that the line is too tight, flashing white basically means the line is going to snap any second and you’ll probably sustain a little damage, too. If you see the line changing color, simply lift off of the right stick until it goes back to normal color. As soon as it does, hold it down again and rinse repeat the process. That’s all there is to extracting cores in ReCore.

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