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The PS4 Pro Is Weaker Than Xbox Scorpio, But Has 4 Other Advantages


The PS4 Pro Is Weaker Than Xbox Scorpio, But Has 4 Other Advantages

The PS4 Pro just might pull all the venom out of Project Scorpio.

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Last week, Sony made a couple of big announcements surrounding their PS4 hardware. The first was officially unveiling the PS4 Slim which had been leaked weeks before. It’s a smaller model of the standard console, offering improved power consumption and the fancy new DualShock 4. The real star of the show, though, was the PS4 Pro. This promised to be a stronger PS4 capable of delivering 4K and HDR gaming, 4K media streaming, a better VR experience, and more technical upgrades for fans to enjoy. What really surprised those watching in the end was the fact that the new console would be available in just two short months.

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What made this most intriguing was that Microsoft had shared the first details on the long rumored Project Scorpio at E3 2016 along with a release window of Holiday 2017. It was pretty bold of them to announce a product more than a year in advance, knowing that competition was watching, and that may have left the door wide open for someone to steal their high-tech thunder. And, never one to back down from an opportunity, Sony may have just rose to the occasion. 

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