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PS4 Pro and HDR “Is the Future,” Says Naughty Dog

Uncharted 4 PS4 Pro Naughty Dog

PS4 Pro and HDR “Is the Future,” Says Naughty Dog

Because Uncharted 4 clearly wasn’t good looking enough.

Naughty Dog may be known for great games, but those games are also stunningly beautiful. Staffed with some of the best artists and graphical engineers in the industry, the Uncharted developer couldn’t be more excited for the PS4 Pro and the new opportunities allowed through HDR.

Speaking with VG24/7 following the recent PlayStation Meeting, Naughty Dog Lead Programmer Christian Gyrling opened up about what he sees as the fantastic addition of the PS4 Pro to the Sony console family. “It’s the small things… these are colors that were there in my head, I thought it looked that good already. But now, sitting down, I really feel like I’m watching some nature documentary,” he says in regards to a PS4 Pro demo of Uncharted 4.

“Playing it through at the higher resolutions, feeling that image stability and getting the highlights that are shining like the reflection in the puddle on the ground or through the window of the building, the acoustics underwater… those are the moments where you go ‘Whoa, whoa!’”

More than just making the image better, Gyrling really emphasizes how the new console power is allowing developers to create the worlds they wanted to from the beginning. “There are many cases when you take a picture and you feel like… it’s not really capturing what I’m seeing. It might not be bright enough or dark enough or the colors aren’t really popping the way you feel they are – you can’t see the things that made you take out the camera in the first place. Going to the high dynamic range plus adding the resolution to kind of fill in all the details, it’s getting us so much closer to being able to realize the images – get it to be so that it is the way it’d look in the real world.”

Stating it simply, he goes on to add, “When it comes to taking the PS4 Pro, really what we’re doing here is nothing more than just removing the smudge from your glasses, we’re changing your prescription so you get to see everything more clearly.”

That said, it’s still up to developers to bring out the most in their games. “You can crunch numbers all day, but ultimately it’s about what you do with the numbers and what you do with the power. The more than double the power of the GPU, the boosted clock rate of the CPUs allowing those smoother frame rates, being able to support our existing PS4 fanbase without really taking anything away from them… Like, all we’re doing is adding stuff, adding HDR support even to the base PS4 owners.”

Gyrling has no doubt that this is the beginning of the next stage for console gaming. “HDR games from now on, moving forward – I think almost every single game will start supporting HDR. This is the future. We see little to no reason to not support this. It’s almost no cost, close to zero cost, to expose the HDR… but it’s an enormous benefit.”

The PS4 Pro releases Nov. 10 with Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Remastered both amongst the games getting patches in order to fully utilize the new system.

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