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Pokemon GO’s Latest Update Contains a Cute Pikachu Easter Egg


Pokemon GO’s Latest Update Contains a Cute Pikachu Easter Egg

Throwback to the good ol’ days.

The latest Pokemon GO update introduces the new buddy system, where trainers can select one of their Pokemon to walk around with them. This will allow trainers to level up faster, and gain candy for that specific Pokemon as well. However, it looks like that’s not all from the new update. The Silph Road research group has found out that if you choose Pikachu as your buddy Pokemon, you’ll actually unlock a neat little Easter egg after walking a certain distance.

‘For those who remember the original anime series, Pikachu does not immediately take to Ash. It isn’t until Ash acts selflessly to save Pikachu that he begins to bond with him.

In Pokemon GO, choosing Pikachu as your buddy will display him on the ground near you on the player details screen. However, when you have walked 10km together, Pikachu takes to you and finally rides on your shoulder (as other small Pokemon buddies do)!’


It’s a small one – certainly not as major as the cool Eevee trick we discovered a while back – but it’s still a nice nod to the anime series nonetheless.

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