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Pokemon GO Plus: What Every Colored Flashing Light Means


Pokemon GO Plus: What Every Colored Flashing Light Means

Red, Blue, or Green.

Pokemon GO Plus is now available and once you have one of the devices you will be able to catch them all without staring at your phone all the time.

When you are travelling with your Pokemon GO Plus device, it will try to find nearby Pokemon and activate Poke Stops. The device will flash a certain color, with each color indicating something different. Listed below are the different lights and what they mean:

Green Light: The device will flash green and vibrate when a Pokemon you have already caught is nearby. To attempt to catch the Pokemon, simply press the central button.

Yellow Light: The device will flash yellow and vibrate when a new species of Pokemon is nearby.

Red Light: The device will flash red when trying to catch a Pokemon if you are out of regular PokeBalls. Alternatively, a red flashing light could indicate you failed to catch a Pokemon.

White Light: The device will flash white when it is attempting to catch a Pokemon.

Multicolored: The device will flash seven different colors when you have succeeded in catching a Pokemon. It will do the same when you successfully activate a PokeStop.

Blue Light: The device will flash blue when you are passing a PokeStop.

That is what every colored light means on your Pokemon GO Plus device. Enjoy catching them all on your adventures.

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