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Pokemon GO Plus: How to Use the Device


Pokemon GO Plus: How to Use the Device

Take advantage.

Pokemon GO Plus is now available and once you have one of the devices you will be able to catch them all without staring at your phone all the time.

The purpose of the device is to make catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, and visiting PokeStops easier. The light on top will flash different colors depending on what’s near you at the time.

When you press the button whilst it is flashing it will perform the relevant action, whether that be an attempt to catch a Pokemon or activate a Poke Stop. A notification will then be sent to your smartphone to tell you what the Plus device did. It is not certain that the Pokemon will be caught and it does not tell you the rarity of said Pokemon, so looking at your phone is still necessary from time to time.

Essentially, Pokemon GO Plus is helpful for when your are travelling quickly or unable to look at your phone regularly. Capturing Pokemon isn’t as reliable as when you do it yourself but it is better than doing nothing.

That is how to get the best out of your Pokemon GO Plus device, if you have managed to find one in stock anywhere.

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