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Pokemon GO Plus: How to Get the Device


Pokemon GO Plus: How to Get the Device

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Pokemon GO Plus is now available and once you have one of the devices you will be able to catch them all without staring at your phone all the time.

Pokemon GO Plus is a small device that you can connect to a piece of clothing or wrap around your wrist with the accompanying wristband. It was originally planned to release at the same time as the app but due to the overwhelming popularity of Pokemon GO, the release was delayed until now.

It has proven to be in extremely high demand and it is difficult to find in stock anywhere. Devices were being sold on eBay for 100 dollars back in July and the official Nintendo store state stock isn’t expected to be replenished until late October.

It costs $35 when bought new but most places are sold out at the moment. The best thing to do is to pre-order and wait for the stock levels to be replenished. Alternatively, if you are desperate for one now, you can pay over the odds on websites such as eBay.

Hopefully, the demand for Pokemon GO Plus will die down soon and you will be able to find them in stock in most places.

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