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Pokemon GO Plus: How to Connect Your Device


Pokemon GO Plus: How to Connect Your Device

Make sure it works!

Pokemon GO Plus is now available and once you have one of the devices, you will be able to catch them all without having to stare at your phone all the time.

The dongle and wristband were originally supposed to release at the same time as the app. However, the unexpected popularity of the app ended up pushing back the release date of the Plus device.. Following the newly released buddy system, Pokemon GO Plus is now available, if hard to find in stock.

To connect your Pokemon GO Plus, the first thing you need to do is to ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on. Once you have done so, head to the settings part of the Pokemon GO app via the central Poke Ball button.

Halfway down the menu is the Pokemon GO Plus option that will take you to another menu. At the bottom, the ‘available devices’ section will display any of your Plus devices.

To pair your phone and Plus device, press the button on the GO Plus and it will show on the ‘available devices’ menu. Press the device and they will connect to each other via Bluetooth and you will be ready to head out and catch all the Pokemon you can.

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