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Pokemon GO Player Gets Robbed While Streaming Live in Central Park

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Pokemon GO Player Gets Robbed While Streaming Live in Central Park

Be vigilant.

Twitch streamer Rickeybot was streaming Pokemon GO in New York’s Central Park just a couple of nights ago, and was unfortunately beaten and robbed live on camera. In the footage down below, you can see the assailants knocking him to the ground, taking his phone away, and running from the scene of the crime.

Thankfully, viewers on the stream quickly called the police, and Rickeybot was able to get to the hospital to have his wounds looked at. Rickeybot has reportedly been streaming in Central Park for the past few nights, though this is the first time anything untoward has happened to him.

Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS devices. Since the launch of the app, there have been multiple cases of players getting mugged, running over pedestrians while playing behind the wheel, and stumbling upon dead bodies with the app open. The app is also loaded with warnings to remind players not to do anything illegal while playing. Stay safe, Trainers, and try not to wander off to isolated areas while playing late at night.

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