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Pokemon GO Buddy System Coming Soon


Pokemon GO Buddy System Coming Soon

Let’s go for a run Snorlax!

Niantic have again graced us with a glorious blog post detailing the future of their smash hit mobile game Pokemon Go. Fans eager for features will be glad to know that they’re working on a ton of new ideas, with “a lot more in the works this fall”

The latest feature to come to the game was an appraisal system , allowing you to ask your team leader (depending on which you chose at level 5) about a Pokemon’s battle potential. This was a very recent addition but Niantic insist that the all new buddy system is “right around the corner”

The buddy system will change the way you play Pokemon GO by letting you pick your most favoured Pokemon to be your ‘Buddy’. They will appear beside you on the profile screen, and you will be able to gain candy for walking together. A small picture of your preferred Pokemon will appear in a circle besides your own on the main screen when you’re looking at the world map.

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