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A New Pikmin Game Is Coming to Nintendo 3DS

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A New Pikmin Game Is Coming to Nintendo 3DS

The tiny people are coming to 3DS.

During today’s Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Olimar and his adorable Pikmin friends would be coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

Rather than the large world and exploration that players are used to from the series, the 3DS title is instead a side scrolling adventure game. Players will control Olimar, as his army of adorable creatures follow him around. Tapping the touchscreen will see Olimar throw Pikmin to this spot, which can be handy for moving objects, battling creatures, or carrying treasures you find on your adventure.

As per usual, different colored Pikmin will have different abilities- Red are fire resistant, Blue love water, and Yellow can be thrown to higher ground and are immune to electrocution.

During the Nintendo Direct, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bill Trinen stated that Pikmin for the 3DS had been “designed with action in mind.” Though he didn’t go into much more detail himself, the announcement trailer did show Olimar and his Pikmin pals taking on a giant creature too tall for just the bottom screen.

The game is due to release in 2017.

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