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Persona 5 Gets New Details on the Mementos Dungeon and Fusion System


Persona 5 Gets New Details on the Mementos Dungeon and Fusion System

Bus cat Morgana.

Atlus has updated the official Japanese website for Persona 5, giving us some new details about what is called the Mementos Dungeon, as well as the Persona fusion system in the game.

Outside of the main story quests, players can also take on optional quests called ‘Missions.’ These Missions will usually require you to enter the Mementos Dungeon, which is a large area within the Palaces app that changes form and appearance each time you enter. For the uninitiated, the Palaces app is what the protagonist uses to enter the story-based dungeons to fight the bad guys during crucial story plot points. The Mementos Dungeon is really expansive, but don’t worry – best cat Morgana can transform into a literal bus, which you can ride around in to explore the place.

The fusion system also makes a return in Persona 5, and players can fuse two or more Persona together to create even more powerful ones. New to this entry is a feature called ‘Training.’ This will allow you to train up your Personas, and if you do that enough, they may be able to gain skills that allow them to overcome their inherent weaknesses.

Persona 5 is set to be released for the PS4 and PS3 on February 14, 2017.

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