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Nioh Gets a New Action-Packed Trailer Filled With Mythical Creatures


Nioh Gets a New Action-Packed Trailer Filled With Mythical Creatures

That’s a lot of monsters.

With Tokyo Game Show fully underway there’s a ton of game getting new trailers, one of which is the upcoming PS4 exclusive Nioh.

You can certainly see the comparison Koei Tecmo’s new game has to Dark Souls, as the trailer released today is packed to the brim with intense action. It starts with our hero, William Adams, caught in a deadly storm out at sea, as a giant creature looms above the boat, smashing it with its tentacles. There’s also a brand new character introduced, a young woman named Okatsu who’s accompanied by a rabbit spirit. As the trailer progresses you can see William battling an assortment of mythical beings, including a cyclops, fire breathing demon, and some kind of shape shifting warrior. Take a look at the trailer down below.

Nioh launches worldwide on February 9, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Koei Tecmo recently announced two new character for the game, Okatsu and Tokugawa Ieyasu, which you can see details on here. If you missed the beta demo of the game, you can see our thoughts on why it was so great right here.

Is Nioh on your radar for the beginning of next year yet, or do you need to see a little more? Let us know in the comments.


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