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Cheap Deals on Old PS4 and Xbox One S as New Bundle Shows Up


Cheap Deals on Old PS4 and Xbox One S as New Bundle Shows Up

It seems this weeks news has been devoted to the new Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundle and PlayStation 4 Final Fantasy XV 1TB bundle – both of whom are releasing later this Fall. With this and the new PlayStation 4 Slim out today, all eyes are off the older PlayStation 4 and August 2016 Xbox One S console bundles. If retailers want to sell off their old stock they’ll need to add incentives, and that’s what we’re seeing today.

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If you’re looking to pre-order the Fall 2016 consoles, they’re up and ready to go. Just earlier this week GameStop put up their exclusive 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim Final Fantasy XV console bundle for $449 – the first 1TB PS4 Slim to see the light of day.

Earlier this Monday we also became aware of the October 18 launching 1TB Xbox One S Battlefield 1 console for $349.99 and its October 21 releasing little brother the 500GB Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundle for $299. Today we’re seeing the PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Uncharted 4 console debut at all major retailers for $299.99.

As far as existing deals are concerned eBay, Groupon, and Walmart are offering up discounts and incentives. The PS4 is going swimmingly cheap on eBay with the lowest price ever for a brand new conditioned PS4 console showing up at $259.99 today. If you’re willing and interested, you can pay a few bucks more for the Call of Duty: Black Ops III console bundle for $270.99 on eBay Deals; or head over to Groupon and pay only $269.99 after inputting coupon code FIRST at checkout (requires a new account).

Walmart is where you’ll find August 2016 released Xbox One S console bundle deals. There aren’t outright discounts available at Walmart, but they are tossing in over $70 in bonuses. Both the 500GB Halo Collections bundle and 1TB Madden NFL 17 bundle gives you a free 4K Blu-ray movie of your choice and an extra wireless controller of your choice with multiple skins available. All this for the same list price on the console at GameStop or Best Buy.

Seeing deals like these this early in the third quarter is a good sign for further discounts later this Fall. Black Friday could see some incredibly cheap PS4 and Xbox One S consoles. As retailers continues to try and rid their warehouses of the old stock before the big holiday sales season, the winner in the end are gamers looking for a new console.

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