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NBA 2K17: How to Upgrade Free Throws


NBA 2K17: How to Upgrade Free Throws

Never miss a free throw.

In this year’s edition of NBA 2K17, a lot of new features have been added to the MyCareer portion of the game. One major change that has been made to the game is the way to upgrade your player’s free throw shooting abilities.

Unlike previous titles in the series, you can no longer upgrade your free throw using your personal earnings of Virtual Currency. To increase your skill rating of taking free throws, you are going to want to follow this quick and easy method.

Once in MyCareer, you will want to head into the team practice, skip the team drills, and go straight to the free throw golf. Before starting this workout, make sure that your “Doin’ Work” bar is not full. If the bar is full, you will not be able to upgrade your free throw. This drill is a simulation of your player shooting free throws and all you must do is hit your shots. By completing this drill you will eventually get a bronze, plus one skill point that will upgrade your free throws.

Just rinse and repeat this method and in no time, your player will be hitting his free throws like Kobe Bryant in his prime!

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