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8 of the Most Important Games This Year


8 of the Most Important Games This Year

For good or bad, they’re important nonetheless.

No Man’s Sky

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky was one of the biggest releases in 2016, with fans waiting eagerly to finally get their hands on the space exploration game. While it’s no secret now that No Man’s Sky didn’t quite deliver on all of the expectations of fans, it’s still an incredibly important game nonetheless.

It’s important in both a positive and negative sense. Positive, simply because this game is a bit of a technical marvel. No Man’s Sky is essentially running on a rather complex mathematical algorithm which allows the insane scale of procedural generation of its planets, plants, and animals.

But at the same time, No Man’s Sky is also incredibly important due to its message to other developers. Hello Games was creating something incredible, and props to them for doing so with such a small team. Where it struggled, however, was with its messaging and it seems a little bit of confusing wording led to some features that sounded like they would be in the game, being completely absent and claims of the game being falsely advertised tarnishing the game’s otherwise excellent achievements.

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