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Metroid 2 Fan Remake AM2R Shut Down Completely Following Nintendo Takedown Notice

AM2R Metroid 2 Remake

Metroid 2 Fan Remake AM2R Shut Down Completely Following Nintendo Takedown Notice

No updates, no releases, no future, no Metroid.

Fan-made remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus, AM2R, short for Another Metroid 2 Remake, has been taken down by Nintendo. This means that the game will no longer receive official updates or releases, effectively ending the project once and for all.

When the remake released last month, it received a takedown notice, prompting the developer to remove official download links for the game. As the notice did not include a cease-and-desist order, developer Milton “DoctorM64” Guasti continued to support the game via updates. This comes to an end now, as the latest takedown notice was sent directly to his personal email address. In a blog post titled “No future for AM2R“, he states:

“Nintendo of America, Inc. has filed a takedown request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). I received the request on my personal email, so I’m complying with their requests.

“There will be no more AM2R updates, and no more releases under any platform.

“Thank you for the support during all these years.”

It’s worth reiterating here that Guasti does not want fans of the remake to hate Nintendo for acting to protect its IP. Despite having to take down the official download links last month, he said that he felt “satisfied” with what he had achieved.

Nintendo, meanwhile, appears to be on the warpath against fan-made games and projects, having yesterday shut down over 500 freeware games hosted on GameJolt that infringed on its properties. It is possible that Nintendo’s barrage of takedown notices may be coming close behind the announcement of its next console, the Nintendo NX, which is expected to release in March 2017.

The games taken down on GameJolt were specifically infringing on the Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon properties. According to some reports, these properties will see new entries appearing on the NX within the first six months of the console’s release. Whether this latest takedown notice portends a Metroid game for the Nintendo NX is anyone’s guess.


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