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Mario Sports Superstars Announced by Nintendo

mario sports superstars

Mario Sports Superstars Announced by Nintendo

Mario’s getting in shape!

Mario Sports Superstars was just announced during the Nintendo Direct which finished earlier today. The game will feature all your favorite characters from the Mario universe competing against one another in five classic sports.

Players will be able to take part in soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, and even horse racing. The soccer will be full on 11 VS 11 and each sport will be well fleshed out with “more to them than you may expect.”

The game will feature a single player tournament mode along with local and online multiplayer modes, so you can play with or against your friends, or against the top players around the world.

Mario Sports Superstars is set to be released on the Nintendo 3DS in Spring 2017. Better get your sneakers on!

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