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Journey: How to Meditate


Journey: How to Meditate

Sometimes you just need to take a breather.

Meditation can be a calming, peaceful way to clear your mind and enjoy the world around you; and in Journey, it can work very much the same way. But let’s be real, we’re gamers and you’re probably here for one thing: a trophy. Journey only teaches the player two buttons and never clearly explains how to set your character into meditation, but it’s definitely easier to do than you think.

In order to meditate in Journey on the PS4, you have to hit the Options button on the controller and on PS3 you can use the Select button. The character will crouch and sit down on the ground in a trance-like state. Alternatively, by not pressing any buttons for a certain amount of time, the character will eventually set themselves into meditation on their own. To leave the meditation state, just hit the X or Circle buttons and you’ll be up and ready to explore in no time.

While meditating in Journey can be a relaxing way to take in the beautiful environments and amazing music, the biggest use of meditation is for the previously mentioned trophy, aptly called Reflection. In order to unlock this, you’ll have to sit in a meditative state for 20 seconds, but the catch is that you must do this with another player. Since both players need to be meditating for 20 seconds and because there isn’t any real forms of communication in the game, it can be frustrating to try and get your partner to slow down and take a seat. If your looking to nab the trophy, try and hitting circle a few times to get their attention and then meditate. With any luck they’ll understand what it is you’re looking for. If they don’t understand, try a few more times before heading off to search for another wandering soul who just totally gets you.


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