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How Sea of Thieves Developers Brought the Ocean to Life

sea of thieves

How Sea of Thieves Developers Brought the Ocean to Life

Are you prepared to brave the seas?

In a new episode of Rare’s Inn-side Story series, developers of the upcoming pirate co-op game, Sea of Thieves, discussed how they brought the game’s water to life including a range of different effects and varying behaviors.

In order to make the oceans look as beautiful as they do, the developers discuss how the time of day, and the lighting that comes with it helps to make the vast stretches of water look life-like.

It’s not just the way the water looks in Sea of Thieves that’s important either. With the game being an online multiplayer game, it’s important that the seas react the same way for everyone involve in a naval battle. “Everyone needs to see the same big waves and plan their strategy around those,” Senior Software Engineer, Mark Lucas commented.

As you’d expect, water behaves different dependent on the location. For example, a calm bay will see gentle waves slowly crashing to shore, whereas out in the middle of the seas, players can expect a far trickier time when it comes to handling their ship. You can check out the full video below.

Are you looking forward to braving Sea of Thieves’ harsh oceans with your friends? Let us know in the comments below.


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