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Buy an Xbox One S Bundle This Week and Pick a Free Game


Buy an Xbox One S Bundle This Week and Pick a Free Game

Microsoft launching a new promotion on the Xbox One S.

For this week only, Microsoft has fired up a promotion with a free game of your choice with select Xbox One S and older Xbox One bundles. Three retailers are participating to varying degrees, and even with all the recent price drops on Xbox One consoles lately, these bonus offers make the best Xbox One S deals to date.

Go back in time a month and a half and you’d be hard pressed to find an Xbox One S console under $300 – now its the standard price for the newly released Xbox One S console, and the old Xbox One bundle prices have sunk much further. At the Microsoft Store you’ll find the Xbox One S 1TB Madden NFL 17 bundle and the Xbox One S Halo Collection Bundles for their normal prices with two bonuses: a free copy of Ubisoft’s The Crew and an additional Xbox One Game of your choice. The additional game is selected in the first stage of checkout and is from a list of 19 titles.

Microsoft Store



GameStop’s promotion won’t get you as many free games (only one choice), but GameStop has a better selection of a free game for in this new Xbox One S promotion. At GameStop this week, an Xbox One S or Xbox One bundle comes with a free copy of any in-stock physical Xbox One game priced $59.99 or less. You’ll need to add the game and console to cart separately, but once in cart the game shows up for free.

When you compare GameStop’s promotion to Microsoft Store’s it becomes clear which bundle is the better option. For the Xbox One S consoles, Microsoft Store is a better offer for the aforementioned Madden NFL 17 and Halo Collection bundles. Having said that, GameStop has the new Minecraft Favorites bundle as part of this promotion – so if you want that particular Xbox One S bundle, GameStop is the only place to catch it with a bonus offer.

As for older Xbox One console deals, GameStop is by far the best place to pick one up as GameStop has further dropped the prices to $230 ($20 cheaper than everywhere else) and have several Gears of War Ultimate Edition bundles already offering the similar free game pick. So if you want the older Xbox One given its significantly cheaper price tag – GameStop is the retailer of choice.

The last retailer worth mentioning is Walmart. They only really have one bundle with a free game of your choice, the 1TB Xbox One S Madden NFL 17 bundle, but in addition to the free game you also get a wireless controller. The list of available free games isn’t has comprehensive as GameStop or Microsoft (only 9 options), so they are receiving the last pick mention but if you want this particular bundle and the extra controller, Walmart should be your retailer of choice.

Expiration: All these offers are valid only through Saturday, October 1st. We are certain to see more sales later this year, but with all the recent price drops on the Xbox One these may be as good as they’ll get until Black Friday rolls around.

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