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Firewatch: How to Save Your Game


Firewatch: How to Save Your Game

Firewatch is a fairly short game, spanning only a handful of hours if you’re focused. That doesn’t mean you won’t want to take a break from the hardships of forest life every now and then. For when you need to step away, here’s how to save your game.

First off, Firewatch does have an autosave feature that can be enabled or disabled from the Settings menu. This feature will be enabled at the start of the game, and will save at the start of each day.

If you want to save in the middle of your day, you can do this at any time by pausing the game and selecting “Save” from the menu. Be sure to do this often if you have disabled the autosave function. Firewatch isn’t exactly Dark Souls, but replaying days against your will can be a bit of a drag in narrative adventures.

Good luck on the watch!

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