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Firewatch: How Long it Is and How Many Days There Are


Firewatch: How Long it Is and How Many Days There Are

Firewatch is primarily a narrative experience, though the world around you has plenty of interactions in store, and you will get your pick of dialogue options throughout the tale. Knowing this, you may wonder just how long an experience Firewatch turns out to be for its $19.99 price.

Time to Beat

The fastest Firewatch players typically complete the game in around 3 to 3.5 hours. This requires moving through the story without getting stuck, wandering off, or taking in the surrounding scenery. You don’t exactly have to be speedrunning to clock in this kind of time, but it’s definitely the less common completion rate.

Most players end the game with around 5 to 6 hours of play, moving through comfortably but not exactly at a molasses rate. You can spend more time in the world, however, if you take in the many sights Firewatch has to offer. It’s a beautiful, mostly open world, and you may find yourself wandering rather than progressing every now and then.

Number of Days

Firewatch plays out over a series of days, starting with your first day on the job. There are a total of 79 in your story, but you won’t play every day, with the narrative skipping quite a few here and there.

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