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FIFA 17: When Does It Come out


FIFA 17: When Does It Come out

Mark the date.

Release Date – FIFA 17

As we head into the fall season of gaming, tons of new games will begin to rapidly release. With it being September, soccer fans will only know all too well that it’s about time for another dose of FIFA. Now, FIFA 17 technically has three different release dates, which can be a bit confusing. To clear things up a bit here’s when FIFA 17 releases in the US, the rest of the world, and for EA Access members.

North America will be kicking off the official release next week on Sept. 27. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will be able to purchase FIFA 17 two days after the release in North America on Sep. 29. However, if you’re an Xbox One user who has also subscribed to the EA Access service, you’re able to play the game’s 10-hour trial from today.

FIFA 17 is set to bring a host of changes to the fan-favorite soccer game, including a new engine, a brand new story mode called “The Journey”, smarter and revamped AI systems, and much more.

For additional coverage on FIFA 17, be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more guides, tips, and wikis.

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