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FIFA 17: How to Do the Dab Celebration Dance


FIFA 17: How to Do the Dab Celebration Dance

We should have known.

FIFA 17 looks set to bring a bunch of new features and abilities to the table. From the brand new The Journey game mode, to a whole new way to take set pieces, EA Sports has been hard at work refining and perfecting the soccer game. And to make sure the celebrations weren’t left out, a certain celebratory dance has been included.

In recent years, the FIFA series has been allowing players to pull off more and more extravagant celebrations when they slot one into the back of the net. Of course, with the rise of the Dab, it just had to make it into the popular soccer game as a celebration.

If you want to see Rooney, Messi, or Ronaldo celebrate with this current craze, it’s actually quite simple. Once you’ve successfully scored and FIFA 17 gives you the freedom to control your player’s celebration, all you have to do is hold R1 on PS4 or RB on Xbox One and double tap the Triangle or Y button twice.

Doing so will see your player execute the now commonplace gesture in celebration. That’s literally all there is to it.

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