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FIFA 17: How to do a Driven Shot and Score


FIFA 17: How to do a Driven Shot and Score

All that powaaa!

Driven Shot – FIFA 17

Driven shots are a new part of your attacking arsenal in FIFA 17. When used right, a driven shot is one of the best ways to ensure you put the ball in the back of the net in a dangerous position. A driven shot packs some serious punch into your strike and keeps it low allowing you to nail those bottom corner goals. Of course, to use it effectively you must first learn how to do a driven shot.

In order to perform a driven shot first get yourself into a good scoring position somewhere in the 18-yard box. From here, you want to power your shot up as much as possible by holding the Circle or B button depending what console you’re on. Then, just as you see your player about to hit the ball, hit the Circle/B button again to perform the driven shot. Aim as you normally would, but ideally, you’ll want to go for the corners to put it out of reach of the keeper.

One thing to keep in mind is the power you’re putting on your driven shot. Don’t be afraid to really build power up. The more power, the more unstoppable the shot will be. However, one thing to note is that the longer you build power for, the smaller the window will be for you to get that second tap of the Circle/ B button in. If you fail to tap the button again, you’re going to be watching the ball fly off into the air.

Driven shots are incredibly OP in FIFA 17, so be sure to use these whenever you get the chance to give your team the lead.

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