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FIFA 17: How to Change Your Default Team to Your Favorite


FIFA 17: How to Change Your Default Team to Your Favorite

Stay loyal to your team.

Default Team – FIFA 17

A handy option in recent FIFA games has been the setting that brings up your favorite team as default in whatever game mode you’re playing. Fancy a quick game of Kick-Off with your beloved Portsmouth? The default option will have it show up immediately rather than you trawling through the different teams to find them.

It’s a simple but useful setting that you’ll select at the start of the game, but it’s easy enough to select the wrong team in the excitement or jumping into the action. If this sounds like something that’s happened to you, here’s how you change the default option to your favorite team.

In order to change it, you’ll need to head into the settings of the game. More specifically, you’ll want to go to Customize and then select the Profile option. From here, you should see the option to change your favorite team. Simply select your team from the game’s roster and then confirm your choice. This will now bring make your favorite club your default team whatever game mode you want to play

That’s all there is to it. For more tips, tricks, and guides for FIFA 17, be sure to keep it locked to Twinfinite.

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