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FIFA 17: How Many Teams Are in The Journey


FIFA 17: How Many Teams Are in The Journey

Pick your side.

The Journey Teams – FIFA 17

The Journey is FIFA 17’s new game mode that sees players assume the role of Alex Hunter. An up and coming player as he tries to make his mark in his team and the footballing world as a whole.

It’s not just your performances on the pitch that will make a difference in how it all pans out though. Throughout your career, you’ll be given dialogue options with your teammates, the manager, and in post-match interviews with the press. Depending on what option you choose, your overall experience with The Journey will differ. Of course, it all starts off with you walking into the dressing room of your club.

You’ll have a number of different teams to choose from to go on your journey with. You can choose from any of the 20 teams in this year’s English Premier League. From Manchester United and Chelsea, to Watford and Bournemouth, the choice is yours.

Of course, the big difference will be the players who play alongside you and the challenge you’re likely to face. One of the top teams will have obvious benefits over the smaller, newcomers to the league.

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