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FIFA 17: How Long The Journey Mode Is


FIFA 17: How Long The Journey Mode Is

Take your time.

The Journey- FIFA 17

The Journey is one of the biggest additions in FIFA 17. The mode sees you become Alex Hunter, a young, up and coming star in the Premier League. As you train and play matches, you improve Alex as a player and as a person.

The Journey is also quite detailed – looking at training, matches, personal life, and relationships with club staff. You reach milestones throughout your playthrough and are given rewards for doing so.


The Journey follows Alex Hunter over a course of one season, as he makes it through the exit trials, goes on loan, and then makes it at his dream club. All of this takes roughly 16 hours to complete if you are taking part in every training drill, watching every cutscene, and completing every match.

It is certainly worth doing everything in The Journey yourself, rather than simulating the training drills. Participation allows you to improve Alex Hunter, increasing his stats at a faster rate. How good he becomes has a big impact on the reward you will get at the end of the game.

You can finish FIFA 17’s The Journey mode in less time if you want but, for the best experience, take your time and get to know your own version of Alex Hunter.

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