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Earth Defense Force 5 Gets First Story Details, and Very Terrifying Screenshots


Earth Defense Force 5 Gets First Story Details, and Very Terrifying Screenshots

The stuff of nightmares.

Earth Defense Force 5 was first announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2016, and it made its debut with a flashy new trailer. We’ve just gotten the first details about the game’s story, via Gematsu, which you can check out down below:

‘It started in Japan, 2022. In the outskirts of Kanto, just a short distance from an urban area, the Earth Defense Force had built their base on the wasteland beyond the mountains.

If you look at only the the ground facilities, the base does not appear to be of small scale, but underground they have built a large storage warehouse. Within it, in what would seem unbecoming of peaceful Japan, a large amount of weapons, ammunition, and state-of-the-art artillery have been brought in. Just the other day, dozens of battle-use walker vehicles known as a Combat Frames were transported in by air.

But the base had a problem. Nearby townspeople revolted regarding its excessive possession of weapons. A protest movement was in the process of breaking out. For that reason, the public relations department hosted an event every month. Through allowing visitors and such, it began to focus on interactions with the townspeople. Currently, there are no enemies to use the base’s weapons on… What was needed, more than strengthening military power, was the townspeople’s understanding. But at that time, the fate of the world was about to significantly change.

Suddenly, a group of spaceships appeared and launched an attack…

The threat was a first-time encounter for mankind. They are called “Immigrants.”

Moreover, a giant insect-type monster entered the Earth Defense Force Base built as far as deep underground. And in large numbers. The Earth Defense Force began to fight back.

This is not a drill. This reality called a nightmare has finally begun.’

You can also check out some seriously terrifying screenshots in the gallery down below.

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