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Destiny: Rise of Iron – Who Jolder Is


Destiny: Rise of Iron – Who Jolder Is

Jolder – Destiny: Rise of Iron

“If I am to die, let it be in battle, with weapons in my hands and laughter in my heart.” – Lady Jolder

While playing Rise of Iron, the newest expansion to Destiny on the PS4 and Xbox One, you will hear a lot of names tossed about, mostly those of the fallen Iron Lords. One name that pops up a lot, especially from the mouth of Lord Saladin, is Jolder. Jolder was an Iron Lord like Saladin. She was a Titan who was dedicated to protecting all of those around her and never showing fear in the face of death. It’s that courage that allowed her to make the hard decision all those years ago to seal the SIVA virus deep below the Cosmodrome.

The Iron Lords had once sought to use SIVA to help humanity. Its unparalleled technology and might could build glorious ships and weapons that not even the Darkness could stand against, but it wasn’t to be. SIVA turned everyone against one another leading to death and destruction. Realizing this, the Iron Lords went to take out SIVA but realized that it could not be defeated, at least not by them. Instead, a group of Lords including Jolder, Felwinter, and Gheleon decided to seal it all in one reinforced room. To make sure it stood, they made the ultimate sacrifice, staying behind to fight until their last breath.

destiny rise of iron jolder

One of the cutscenes in Destiny: Rise of Iron shows this last stand. Saladin rushes towards the room where SIVA is held as Jolder stands waiting for the doors to close. No fear, no hesitation, just awaiting what she must do because she knows it’s the only way.

It was with her death, and the death of the other Lords, that Saladin came to learn that although Guardians are immortal in a sense, they are far from invincible. Players get to see Jolder one more time through the course of Rise of Iron, as they fight her Remnant, a corpse twisted by the power of SIVA. A fate much more cruel than a normal death awaits Guardians, it seems, and Jolder learned that early. Still her memory lives on in the Iron Temple and through her artifact.

Now, you can be a member of her prestigious order. Fight well, Guardian, and always keep honor about you.

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