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Destiny: Rise of Iron – What the Max Light Level Cap Is


Destiny: Rise of Iron – What the Max Light Level Cap Is

Destiny: Rise of Iron will introduce a lot of new features to the overall game while also upgrading some of what already exists. One of the aspects getting an upgrade is the Light Level. In fact, it will be getting two upgrades. The first increase players will see is as soon as they dive in. The Light Level cap has been increased from 335 to 385. That’s 50 whole points, and a whole lot of power.

Players will need that extra boost, as the new raid will have Light play a much larger part in the overall challenge. While personal skill will still be important, power will be a deciding factor in the whole “collision” theme.

The second increase to the cap will coincide with the release the Wrath of the Machine hard mode raid. There has been no information on when exactly that will be made available, but it has been shared that the cap will go up to 400.

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