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Destiny: Rise of Iron Adding Paid XP Boosters

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Destiny: Rise of Iron Adding Paid XP Boosters

Oh, and there’s some new emotes.

The upcoming Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion is said to introduce Experience Boosters that will increase the amount experience points gained while playing Crucible, Vanguard and House of Judgement.

It may sound appealing to level up a bit faster, but these Experience Boosters can primarily be obtained by buying them with Silver, Destiny’s form of micro-transactions. Most items bought with Silver are solely cosmetic, yet with the inclusion of XP Boosters, spending some extra cash will have actual gameplay benefits.

If you don’t feel like paying even more money for a game that already has quite a few pieces of expensive DLC, there is always a chance to obtain the Boosters by unlocking Sterling Treasure Boxes or Radiant Treasures, which can also be bought using Silver or drop at random whilst playing Destiny.

This is news that will likely rub Destiny players the wrong way. Do keep in mind that these purchases are far from necessary, however, and if you’re just now looking to become a Guardian yourself, Rise of Iron comes with a free level booster that will raise your character’s level to the required minimum.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is landing come September 20 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Special thanks to GameSpot for making the news known.

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