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Dear Esther: Landmark Edition – How to Save


Dear Esther: Landmark Edition – How to Save

No landmark for saving?

How to Save – Dear Esther: Landmark Edition

Dear Esther has finally arrived on console and brings with it a number of tweaks and new additions to the PC version released in 2012. While the game is quite short, you may still find yourself wanting to put your controller down and pick up the story later on.

Unfortunately, it’s not actually possible to save the game mid-way through a chapter. No auto-save feature will drop you back in right where you started. Instead, if you exit out of the game mid-way through a chapter, you’ll be taken back to the very start of that chapter when you load back up.

The only kind of saving you will get is when you reach a new chapter, but these are basically unlocked in the main menu as you reach them, so you can just jump in at whatever point you’d like once you’ve finished the game once.

While this may seem frustrating, the game is very short, clocking in at around two hours. With that in mind, it’s best to put a few hours aside and just let yourself get immersed in Dear Esther’s world. After all, nobody quite likes coming back to a story when it’s not fresh in their mind, right?

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