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Dead Rising Now Available on Steam

dead rising triple pack

Dead Rising Now Available on Steam

Undead and kicking.

PC players can now experience the Willamette zombie outbreak that spawned multiple sequels and spin-offs with the release of the original Dead Rising on Steam.

Dead Rising stars photojournalist Frank West who finds himself trapped in a mall overtaken by the undead, leaving him to fend for himself in creative ways and hold out until help arrives. Originally released over just a decade ago on Xbox 360, the series is still going strong with its fourth official outing arriving December 8, 2016 for PC and Xbox One.

The issues plaguing the remastered triple pack that has just been released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 left PC users worried that Capcom would mess up the Dead Rising port on PC, but according to early Steam reviews, the game is incredibly well optimized and runs buttery smooth, arriving with all available DLC packs and additional outfits.

While the game’s visuals may not hold up all to well compared to today’s standards, experiencing the classic that made beating the oozing pulp out of zombies what it is today just doesn’t grow old. We for one most definitely recommend it!

Dead Rising is available now on PC, with the Dead Rising triple pack released on Xbox One and PS4.

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