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Really Old (and Bad) MMORPG, Dark and Light, is Back From the Dead; Entering Early Alpha Soon

Dark and Light

Really Old (and Bad) MMORPG, Dark and Light, is Back From the Dead; Entering Early Alpha Soon

This is actually happening.

Do you remember Dark and Light? It was a hyped up MMORPG from 2004, back when MMORPGs were still new and exciting.

It was in development for quite some time, but even still, it released half-baked and riddled with bugs. Also, developer NPCube was slapped with a lawsuit for “software counterfeit” which they eventually lost. All in all, Dark and Light was a total mess. It rightfully went away to the big video game graveyard in the sky, never to be thought of again… or so we thought.

Snail Games, the team behind several MMORPGs such as Age of Wushu and Black Gold Online, exhumed Dark and Light’s corpse and reanimated it this summer. A pretty teaser released last month, and as of today, a new website for the game is now up and running. The initial screenshots of the game look impressive as well.

Dark and Light

Snail Games also confirmed today that not only is Dark and Light 2016 actually a thing that is still definitely happening, but an early access is going to be available sometime this fall. It’s being re-introduced as a sandbox MMO with survival mechanics.

Whether you are a MMORPG veteran that actually remembers Dark and Light or not, this is a bizarre story to say the least. It’s not like Dark and Light has the kind of name recognition that will draw massive attention. And obviously, they aren’t re-releasing a ten year old broken game, so I’d imagine just about all the work is being done from scratch.

Dark and Light

Snail Games’ track record is hot and cold, but they are certainly experienced in making MMORPG games. Perhaps someone on the staff had a soft spot for Dark and Light and that is why this is happening. To their credit, the teaser is nice to look at, and the features they are touting certainly sound nice on paper. However the original Dark and Light sounded good on paper too though, and look how that turned out.

We’ll start to see how successful Snail Games is at pulling off this epic revival when the early access begins this fall. If you’re interested in the 2016 version’s new features, you can check that out below via a press release from Snail Games.

Familiar Game with a Fresh Feel

Dark and Light’s massive sandbox world takes the storyline beyond the traditional MMO, delivering a unique blend of MMO and survival mechanics. Players have the freedom to develop settlements, unlock magical abilities, fight for their tribes, or just enjoy exploring the world’s many distinct environments. Dark and Light’s use of Unreal Engine 4 guarantees superb visual fidelity and advanced physics, providing players with a rich and stimulating gaming experience in an ever-changing virtual world.

Rich, Skill-Based Combat

Dark and Light is a persistent, living world, with a heavy focus on combat where movement and battle have shifted from third-person tab-targeting to an action-based FPS-style system. The game features active participation through dodging, where precise aiming along with managing skills and magical abilities are the keys to victory. Players need not enter the fray alone, as many of the world’s creatures can be tamed and used as mounts to gain a tactical advantage in battle.

Realistic Fantasy World

Dark and Light features environments inspired by real-world locations, including volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, swamps, plains, forests, jungles and more. Additionally, Dark and Light showcases beautiful fantasy biomes, such as a series of floating islands where players will encounter more than 50 unique species of creatures as they traverse the landscape. These aren’t just mindless, cut-and-paste mobs either – each has been meticulously designed to fit seamlessly into their respective habitats and will behave as though they had naturally evolved in the world.

Character Development in Dark and Light

Dark and Light is a departure from the traditional MMO with unique progression mechanics including:
● Mysticism and Magic – No matter which path a player chooses, they will incorporate magic into their skill set as they develop. A limited pool of skill is allocated to level up, making it crucial for players to plan early to ensure they end up with a character they’re satisfied with.

● Free Sandbox Exploration – Cut scene-driven storytelling and instances are emphasized over questing. After siding with a faction (which determines the player’s starting city), the world opens up, enabling players to develop their character the way they want. They can take the role of a skilled artisan, ferocious warrior, a happy-go-lucky explorer, or anywhere in between.

No “I” in Team

While it’s possible to survive as a lone wolf, it’s a long and hard path that many players won’t be able to handle. Dark and Light’s survival aspects can be extremely draining, as hunger, fatigue, illness and attacks from other players and wild creatures will take their toll. There will be no quests or tutorials, so learning about the world quickly is vital if players want to thrive. It is extremely important to support each other and grow together in order to progress.

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