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Civilization VI’s Kongo Excel at Exploration and Culture


Civilization VI’s Kongo Excel at Exploration and Culture

Explore to your hearts content!

As we get closer to release, another Civilization has been revealed for the latest instalment in the series, Civilization VI.

When Firaxis consult on which leaders to add to the game they look to the community, and the most requested civilisation to come to the game was the Kongo. The Kongo are an African civilisation which existed independently from the 14th to the 19th century. The leader chosen by Firaxis was King Alfonso 1, or Mvemba a Nzinga as he’s known in game.

As explained in the video, the Kongo are strongest in culture and religion, but are generally well rounded enough for every victory type. Even though they can’t found a religion themselves, they acquire the founder beliefs of any religion that holds followers in their city.

Their special ability is Nkisi, which gives food production and gold for every great work and sculpture in their possession. They also gain great person points much faster than other civilisations. Their unique unit is the Ngao Mbeba, an early game shield bearer unit that have great ranged defence, and are not slowed by rain forests, meaning they are great for exploring.

Their unique district is the Mbanza, replacing the neighbourhood and creating extra housing, food and gold for the Kongolese cities.

We won’t have to wait long to try out the Kongo either, as the game is coming out for PC on October 21. Stay tuned for more coverage!


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