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Civilization VI: Behold the Naval Might of the Vikings

Civilization VI, Vikings, Norway

Civilization VI: Behold the Naval Might of the Vikings

Raiding and pillaging through history.

The latest civ detailed for the upcoming Civilization VI, Normay will feature the longboats, axes, and beards of the notorious Vikings. Led by King Harald Hardrada, the Norwegian Vikings enter the fray with naval-focused specialties that give them a distinct advantage in the early game.

Thanks to Harald’s ability, Thunderbolt of the North, all naval melee units can perform coastal raids. Viking Longships can also heal in neutral territory. Further more, Norway’s units don’t pay a penalty to embark or disembark, and all naval and embarked units can move onto open-ocean as soon as you research ship building. “Early access to deep water sailing means Norway can easily explore and spread around the world,” the trailer explains.

The civ’s unique unit is the Berserker. “Norse Berserkers were intimidating warriors who fought with ravenous ferocity as they plundered enemy lands and struck down enemies without hesitation,” 2K says in a post on the game’s Steam page. Pillaging will cost Berserkers one less movement, giving the unit plus one to attack. The trade off is that Berserkers are then weaker while defending.

Meanwhile, the unique building for Norway is the Stave Church, a temple that receives an additional faith adjacency bonus when next to woods.

Norway is only the latest Civilization VI civ to receive a trailer. Recently 2K highlighted both Gandhi’s India and the exploration focused Kongo. Civilization VI comes to PC Oct. 21.

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