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10 Changes Destiny: Rise of Iron Needs


10 Changes Destiny: Rise of Iron Needs

Great, but can definitely be better.

Exotic Axe

When Destiny: Rise of Iron was first revealed, one thing that drew almost all of the attention (aside from the wolves) was the flaming axe that Lord Saladin wielded in the trailer. This glorious piece of archaic weaponry is a perfect symbol of the Iron Lords and is an absolute blast to wield out in the Plaguelands. Unfortunately, the times when you do get to wield this weapon are in relatively controlled scenarios, and you will never see one when running through old Strikes or missions. After seeing how players absolutely fell in love with swords in Year 1, you would think that Bungie would’ve been prepared in Year 3 and had an exotic axe waiting for us.

At the end of the main story line, you can earn yourself a brand new sword, but it would’ve been cool to have a flaming axe instead. The fans certainly want it, so maybe the developers will give it a bit of consideration. Here’s to hoping that we’ll be able to show that Wretched Eye strike the wrath of our cool new weaponry.

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