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BioShock Collection: What’s New?


BioShock Collection: What’s New?

What’s changed in all these years?

Today saw the release of the BioShock Collection, which throws all three games from the series into one package. For those who haven’t yet been given the chance to explore the dystopian cities of Rapture and Columbia, this is a great chance to see them at their very best. As for those returning for a second visit, you’ll probably be wanting to know what’s changed since you played them last.

There are a couple of things that the BioShock Collection brings to the table. First and most obviously is the enhanced visuals. The BioShock Collection allows you to explore the cities of Rapture and Columbia in full 1080p resolution making for sharper visuals and cleaner textures. Thanks to the additional power, you may see a couple of extra details too such as a school of fish floating by upon your descent into Rapture.

Alongside these visual enhancements, players will also get all of the single player DLC that released for every game. To break that down for you, that’s:

  • Museum of Orphaned Concepts
  • Challenge Rooms
  • Protector Trials
  • Minerva’s Den
  • Clash in the Clouds
  • Burial at Sea: Episode 1 & 2
  • Columbia’s Finest Pack

While this DLC is by no means new to the collection, it’s the first time that you can experience the entirety of the BioShock works in one single package.

Rounding off the new additions is ‘Imagining BioShock’. This is a Director’s commentary featuring series Creator Ken Levine, and Lead Artist Shawn Robertson. This is something particularly interesting to note for hardcore fans desperate to find out as much as they can about the critically-acclaimed series.

Other than that, you’re not going to find all that much different in BioShock: The Collection. It sure is a pretty way to play some great games, though.

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